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The Lost Relic: A Star Wars Story
The Lost Relic: A Star Wars Story is a short fan film that picks up directly after the events of Return of the Jedi.
Monarch: Legacy of Monsters
Monarch is about people in Godzilla’s universe who get wrapped up in mystery surrounding the secret organization created to hunt monsters.
Darth Maul / Cobra Commander
The Darth Maul horns for my new Darth Cobra Commander costume had to be just right. Here's how I went about making an entire set.
comic con travel plans impacted by cancelled celebrities
It's ALWAYS a bad idea to make nonrefundable comic con travel plans to see celebrities who may cancel at the last minute.
Star Trek: Strange New Worlds finally breaking with the boring "strong female" character trope by giving depth to female security officer.
Top 10 Toy Lines
A list of the top 10 best-selling toy lines of all time, including LEGO, Star Wars, G.I. Joe, Transformers, and more!
body image
Are revealing costumes and photos a wise or effective way for cosplayers to confront their body image issues?
theatrical contact lenses
Learn how to take proper care of theatrical contact lenses to avoid injuries to your eyes and get the most out of your investment.
3-D printer
As 3-D printers become more affordable, here's what artists, creators, and cosplayers should know before buying one.
What Is The Best Way To Deal With Online Bullies And Their Nasty Comments? Any cosplayer who has a public […]
Cosplay & Costuming Resource List It’s surprising how many strange things you’ll find yourself shopping for when you’re building a […]
Flashback: Watch Spider-Man: The Animated Series – The Alien Costume Saga For FREE Online Now Spider-Man: The Animated Series premiered […]
Seven Epic Screamers These 7 characters from movies and animated TV shows held nothing back. Whether it was fear, excitement, […]
Greatest Moments In Geekdom: Superman Helicopter Rescue Superman was full of great cinematic moments, but one of the best is […]
The Walking Dead Finale Ends The Current Iteration Of The Long-Running Zombie Series The Walking Dead, a show that was […]
Greatest Moments in Geekdom:Carrie’s Rage Unleashed On Prom Night Stephen King’s “Carrie” was adapted to the big screen in 1976, with […]
Wonder Woman 1984 Was Not About Being Careful What You Wish For – It Was About Accepting The Truth I […]
Greatest Moments in Geekdom: The NeverEnding Story: Bastian’s Happy Flight The NeverEnding Story is fondly remembered despite the fact that the […]
halloween ends
Halloween Ends: The Final Showdown Between Laurie & Michael? If you still watch trailers and saw the one for Halloween […]
Greatest Moments in Geekdom: Trilogy of Terror: Amelia Before there was Chucky, there was the evil Zuni warrior-possessed doll in […]
Greatest Moments in Geekdom:Buck Rogers: Space Vampire, Season 01, Episode 14 Buck Rogers went from sci-fi to horror in this episode […]
Scream Attempts To Usher In The Next Generation Scream (2022) or Scream 5 basically tried to “Force Awakens” the Scream […]
Ewan McGregor Returns To Star Wars In Obi-wan Obi-wan is the first Star Wars content I’ve seen since that movie […]
Batman Who Laughs & Among Us Cosplayers Dance At Thy Geekdom Con Zany moment at Thy Geekdom Con 2022 in […]
Most of us love immersing ourselves in geek culture, no matter how we get it. We’ll watch the movies, buy […]
Star Wars, Captain Marvel, Star Trek, The Orville & Terminator 6 Find Themselves Caught In The Middle Of Divided Pop […]
Marvel vs DC: Who Is Really Winning The Battle At The Box Office? According to some critics and fans, the […]
Will Aquaman Make Or Break The DC Film Universe? When it comes to highly-anticipated movies, Aquaman has a lot riding […]
It’s Not Too Late To Turn Things Around For Star Wars Star Wars fandom is imploding like a Death Star […]
Was Solo Disney’s First Star Wars Box Office Fail Due To Fatigue Or Frustration? Initial estimates gave Solo: A Star […]
Lynda Carter To Perform Fallout 4 Songs in Concert Lynda Carter, best know for her iconic role as Wonder Woman […]
The Best Of The Best Songs Performed By The 80’s Cartoon Band When the Jem and the Holograms movie bombed […]
A Sneak Peak At Wonder Woman’s Big Screen Debut Warner Bros and The CW gave us our first look at […]