Scream Attempts To Usher In The Next Generation

Scream (2022) or Scream 5 basically tried to “Force Awakens” the Scream Movies franchise. Even the characters mentioned how Star Wars and other franchises introduced angsty new younger characters and mixed them with legacy characters as a way to sell new movies without a full reboot.

Unfortunately, the effect was about the same as with the Star Wars sequels, Terminator: Dark Fate, and many other Hollywood “next generation” revival efforts. While it was great seeing the legacy characters back in action, if felt like they were there just to prop up a bunch of less interesting newbies. The new characters didn’t pull their weight and lacked the charm and charisma that made the legacy characters so popular.

The movie set up Melissa Barrera Martinez’s character to take over the franchise from scream queen Neve Campbell’s Sidney Prescott. But her performance as Sam Carpenter wasn’t engaging enough to carry a movie, much less an entire franchise. There were some twists that made it an interesting watch, but the constant reminders that Sam Carpenter was “the star” just underscored how undeserving her character was of that role.

Scream 6 is already filming, but for some fans, it might be better to just let it end with Scream (2022). While Scream 6 does feature Courtney Cox as Gale Wethers and the return of Hayden Panettiere as Kirby Reed, they’ll likely be there to support Martinez and she doesn’t bring enough to the table to make that something to look forward to.

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