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Cobra Commander / Darth Maul Mash-up Cosplay NYCC
Darth Cobra: Cobra Commander / Darth Maul Mash-Up Cosplay at New York Comic Con (NYCC) Where you know the characters […]
Darth Maul / Cobra Commander
The Darth Maul horns for my new Darth Cobra Commander costume had to be just right. Here's how I went about making an entire set.
ZanyGeek Costume Reveal
ZanyGeek 2023 New York Comic Con Costume Reveal Here it is! My mystery NYCC video costume reveal! Stay tuned for […]
Crimson Cobra Commander cosplay with Destro
Crimson Cobra Commander & Iron Grenadier Destro cosplay by ZanyGeek & The Real Destro, two of the primary villains in the G.I. Joe franchise.
body image
Are revealing costumes and photos a wise or effective way for cosplayers to confront their body image issues?
theatrical contact lenses
Learn how to take proper care of theatrical contact lenses to avoid injuries to your eyes and get the most out of your investment.
3-D printer
As 3-D printers become more affordable, here's what artists, creators, and cosplayers should know before buying one.
Cosplay & Costuming Resource List It’s surprising how many strange things you’ll find yourself shopping for when you’re building a […]
Negative Man / Larry Trainor / Doom Patrol Cosplay
Negative Man / Larry Trainor cosplay by Zany Geek. Where you know the character from: Doom Patrol on HBO MAX.Follow […]
Where you know the character from: G.I. Joe
Where you know the characters from: Flash Gordon (1980)