Greatest Moments In Geekdom:
Superman Helicopter Rescue

Superman was full of great cinematic moments, but one of the best is the helicopter rescue, where Superman reveals himself to the world for the first time while saving Lois Lane, one of pop culture’s most iconic damsels in distress.

Lois finds herself dangling perilously off the top of the Daily Planet building after the helicopter she’s riding in gets snagged on a cable. The crowd below screams in terror as Lois loses her grip and falls.

The scene is made all the more powerful by John Williams frantic score, which leads into Superman’s iconic theme song. The heroic, driving anthem became synonymous with the inspirational symbol that audiences associated with Superman. The music would go on to become the definitive soundtrack identifying Superman for decades and earn Williams an Academy Award Nomination for Best Original Score.

Superman was released in 1978 and went on to become Warner Bros highest grossing movie at the time, earning $300 million worldwide, which totals over $1.1 billion dollars when adjusted for inflation.

Superman is available for streaming on HBOMAX.

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