Greatest Moments in Geekdom:
The NeverEnding Story: Bastian’s Happy Flight

The NeverEnding Story is fondly remembered despite the fact that the film traumatized an entire generation by killing off nearly its entire cast of characters throughout the course of the film. The scene where the horse (Artax) dies in the Swamp of Sadness still ranks as one of the most emotionally devastating things to ever happen in a movie made for a young audience. What messed-up child imagined that horribly depressing place into Fantasia’s existence? The gloomy sad parts are one reason the ending hits so hard: the joyous music plays as Bastian rides on Falkor through Fantasia, seeing every character brought back to life as the movie tries to take back all the tears it made kids cry up until that point.

The NeverEnding Story is available for streaming on a variety of services, including HBOMAX, Amazon Prime, Vudu and more.

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