A Sneak Peak At Wonder Woman’s Big Screen Debut

Warner Bros and The CW gave us our first look at the Wonder Woman movie Tuesday night after the return of The Flash, in their special, DC Films Presents: Dawn of the Justice League.

The first look was not a full trailer, but featured scenes from the movie, cut with commentary from director Patty Jenkins and DC Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns.

What we got to see was Diana (Gal Gadot) riding a horse ahead of Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) in what is presumably a forest on her home island of Themyscira. Likely, this means Steve crash lands his plane on the island and is found by Diana.

Next we get to see a short clip of a distraught Diana walking through smoke. This could be her walking through the wreckage of Steve Trevor’s plane after his crash.

Then they cut to a clip of Johns saying the Amazons were created to protect man’s world, but have since abandoned it. This might lay to rest some early speculation about the script abandoning all the Wonder Woman story elements that link her to the Greek gods in favor of a more diluted origin story that would fit easier into their overall DC film universe.

Johns states that “she comes from a Greek mythology” and that mythology in the comics is that she was created by a group of Greek gods at the request of her mother, Hippolyta, who IMDB lists as being played by Connie Nielsen. However, of all the cast members listed on IMDB, none of them are currently listed as playing any Greek gods.

Next we see a short clip of Diana fighting what looks to be Nazi soldiers, follow by a clip of her and Steve walking in World War I era clothes. So, at least part of the movie will take place around 1914, decades before the character initially debuted in Sensation Comics (January 1942).

The fact that Batman versus Superman: Dawn of Justice is set in a modern era and Wonder Woman appears in that movie alongside them suggests that the immortality of the Amazons while they are on Themyscira will be introduced in the film. In some versions of the DC Comics continuity, they got around Wonder Woman’s involvement in World War II by rewriting history and saying it was her mother who assumed the mantle of Wonder Woman during the war, not Diana. In this case, it looks like it will be Diana.

Another clip shows Diana looking in a mirror, wearing a hat and adjusting a pair of glasses, which suggests the movie will also feature her alter ego, Diana Price.

The final clip shows Diana on a horse in a forest, pulling out a sword, and galloping toward a truck and several soldiers. This could be several things. Either it’s Diana taking sides against the Nazis or defending Themyscira against an invasion from “man’s world.”

The look of the film is very much like that of Man of Steel, with lots of grays, greens, and blues, so it will undoubtedly inspire the same complaints from fanboys about it looking “too dark.”

Jenkins says, “The greatest thing about Wonder Woman is how good and kind and loving she is, but yet none of that negates her power.”

This is an indication that this rendition of the character will be close to what we saw in the first season of the television series from the 70s, starring Lynda Carter, as well as the highly-popular 1987 comic book reboot by George Perez, both of which presented Diana as very capable, but kind-hearted. This contrasts some of the portrayals of Wonder Woman in recent DC Comics animated projects, which focused more on Diana as a tough, Amazon warrior and downplayed the loving and compassionate aspects of her personality.

What remains to be seen is who they choose to be her main nemesis, whether it will just be the Nazis, or if they will also pit her against other popular Wonder Woman foes, like The Cheetah or any of the Greek Gods.

Wonder Woman is slated for release June 23, 2017.

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