Storm Trippin

LEGO Star Wars: Storm Trippin 1 & 2

LEGO Star Wars: Storm-Trippin’ is the story of your not-so-average storm-trooper facing the many trials of training in order to achieve his dream of becoming a real imperial trooper. It was marvelously written, animated, and edited by Arron Legg and is both funny and touching. It is, without a doubt, one of the best LEGO and Star Wars fan lms on the internet.

And here’s the sequel, LEGO Star Wars: Storm Trippin 2 – A New Home. Legg captures a surprising amount of humor, depth, and emotion in his LEGO productions, none more than Storm Trippin 2, which follows two “mists” as they “venture through the galaxy in search of a home.” While there are plenty of funny moments, the story also takes some surprisingly deep and moving turns. It’s a remarkable achievement, considering that his “actors” are incapable of changing their expressions. But through clever use of music, motion, lighting, and eects, Legg makes you feel more for these little plastic characters than some actors are capable of achieving in live-action productions.

Storm Trippin 1, which was posted on YouTube on Jan 14, 2013, has over 19.4 million views. Storm Trippin’ 2, which was posted on Oct 12, 2015, has close to 4.2 million views.

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