Photographer Spotlight: Odin’s Iris Captures East Coast Comicon Costumes

One of the most entertaining aspects of every comic con happens after the con is over, and that’s going online to see the photos taken of the fantastic costumes worn at the convention. East Coast Comicon 2016 was no exception, inspiring everyone from the enthusiast cellphone photographer to the seasoned professional.

One of those seasoned professionals, Odin’s Iris, recently published stunning photography on his website taken at East Coast Comicon. Photographer Eric M.’s impromptu settings for the photos included parking lots, walkways between buildings, and the stairs of the Meadowlands Exposition Center, but he managed to make everyone one look like they were taken as part of a carefully-planned photo shot.

The photos captured costumes in beautiful, vivid detail and included many shots of several cosplayers in a variety of in-character poses. Not only do the photos capture the fun of the convention, but it’s also a thrill for cosplayers who spent a wide range of time and money putting their costumes together to see them photographed so masterfully. Odin’s Iris created what are likely to become costume portfolio pieces for many of his subjects.

His website says Eric is “a NYC based photographer who loves shooting graffiti, street art, models, cosplay, and anything all-around interesting. [He] has been published both nationally and internationally and [he] loves working with new people.”

To see more of Eric’s work, visit To see his full gallery from East Coast Comicon 2016, visit this gallery.

To contact him for a photo shoot, you can e-mail him at

Cobra Commander & Destro By Odin's Iris
Cobra Commander & Destro By Odin’s Iris


Sith Lord By Odin's Iris
Sith Lord By Odin’s Iris


Mystique By Odin's Iris
Mystique By Odin’s Iris


Wolverine By Odin's Iris
Wolverine By Odin’s Iris


Raven By Odin's Iris
Raven By Odin’s Iris


Deadshot By Odin's Iris
Deadshot By Odin’s Iris


Cosplay Photo By Odin's Iris
Cosplay Photo By Odin’s Iris


Harley Quinn By Odin's Iris
Harley Quinn By Odin’s Iris


Bane By Odin's Iris
Bane By Odin’s Iris



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