I’ve Been Captured In 3D!

Imagine my surprise!

A week ago, I went down to Dover Comic Con dressed as G.I. Joe’s Cobra Commander to help The Finest, a G.I. Joe fan-based costume club, raise money in support of their 2017 campaign for K9’s for Warriors. It was probably 90 degrees out and my cape was made of a thick flannel material, so I barely left the shade of the booth, except to cool down inside the Dover Public Library before heading back out to our tent.

Cobra Commander & Trooper
Photo by Facebook user Jared Becker

Because of that, I pretty much missed the entire con. I only got to see the table to our left and only even saw the table to our right about an hour before the end of the con. So, I’ve been going online to check out videos of the con on YouTube to see what I missed and found this video by IWALVG (I Will Always Love Video Games).

37 seconds into the video, I spotted myself sitting on a table! Not the real me, but a figurine of me in my Cobra Commander costume!

Cobra Commander Figurine

Two seconds later, I saw myself again behind a close-up of another figurine’s legs!

Cobra Commander Figurine

There was a figurine of me in my Cobra Commander costume on display at a comic con where I was manning a table and I didn’t even realize it! How surreal is that?

I recognized the work of these figurines as that of Capture Me in 3D. I checked my copy of the Dover Comic Con program and, sure enough, Capture Me in 3D had a table a mere 7 tables down from where I was standing all day with The Finest.

Capture Me in 3D uses hand-held 3D scanners to quickly and easily scan a person’s entire body and then they use the scans to print the 3D figurines. I remembered seeing them in a booth at East Coast Comic Con, where I was also dressed as Cobra Commander, and they were really excited to do a scan of me and another cosplayer with me, who was dressed as G.I. Joe’s Destro.

After the 3D body scans, Capture Me in 3D e-mails you a link to digital 3D proof of your scan, which allows you to rotate it and see it from all sides and angles, like this one:

The proof of the 3D scan may have some imperfections, but if you’re happy with the basic scan and want to have a figurine made, they clean up the scan to fill in any holes or gaps prior to printing the final figurine.

Figurines are available in sizes ranging from 4″ to 12″ and range in price from $149 to $899.

I remember thinking it was such a fun idea after seeing my 3D proof, but wondered if it might be a little creepy having a figurine of myself sitting on a shelf staring back at me. While I was debating whether or not I wanted to buy it, I forgot all about it until I watched the IWALVG video and saw my completed figuring sitting on that table at Dover Comic Con! Now I’m thinking…yeah, I need to get one of those.

Here’s a photo of the finished Destro, followed by a photo of the actual costume from East Coast Comic Con for comparison.

Destro - By Capture me in 3D
Destro – By Capture me in 3D


Photo by Dave's Cosplay Photography
Photo by Dave’s Cosplay Photography

For more information on how you can get yourself captured in 3D, check out Capture Me in 3D’s website. They have a calendar of upcoming events, including the 2016 Dragon Con in Atlanta, where you can get yourself 3D scanned. Also visit their Facebook page, where you can see photos of other figurine samples as well as photos of their 3D scannings in progress.

Capture Me in 3D digital scanning

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